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My first runway walk

I have had several requests this week to style hair for various fashion shows. As I am blocking off the days for these shows, I began to reminisce on the fashion show I agreed to model in.

I want to take a moment to give a shout out to all runway models! You make the catwalk look so easy and effortless.

I agreed to model in the Costume Drama Fashion Show for Amber Hatchett and Darlene Hatchett’s company The Hatchett Creative Group. How hard could it be? I am just a walking clothes hanger displaying an outfit, right? I convinced myself it would be as easy as walking from my car to the grocery store. Ha! That definitely was not the case on the day of the show!

My day started out in my comfort zone. I styled several models hair and had my ego boosted by their approving smiles and hugs and thank you! When I work a fashion show, I enjoy and accept the challenge of creating the requested hairstyles in a short length of time. My adrenaline spikes with the task of determining how to achieve the desired vision with the clock ticking to the final seconds.

It was finally my turn for makeup and hair since I was modeling in this show. This was the easy and most pleasant portion of my day. Is there any woman out there who does not enjoy being pampered like a celebrity? I was in a relaxed trance while the bristles of the makeup brush soothed my every nerve. Heather Barnett engaged me in conversation while applying makeup. I forgot how nervous I was.

Mason Zimmer started on my hair. She was pleasant, calm and collected which helped me feel calm and settled.

I began my walk to Asheville Community Theatre which the locals call A.C.T.. It was time to change into my outfit. It was beautiful! I LOVE the colors black and white in an outfit. I wear it often to work. "Psh, This will be a piece of cake," I told myself. "How hard can this be?"

Designers, makeup artist, models and other hairstylist (I wish I could do it all by myself, but yes, it requires more than one hairstylist) are running around frantically completing the final touches. Sara Fields is doing a wonderful job running models through the itinerary, ensuring everyone is dressed and on-location, and reassuring models they look beautiful while flashing a sincere and endearing smile! Thank you Sara for your dedication and hard work in assimilating a beautiful and successful fashion show to collect funds for A.C.T.. A few models are eating for the first time that day while waiting to walk. Others are being touched up and some are being photographed. It's exhilarating! My blood is rushing!

It’s my turn. No matter what I told myself, my nerves began to escalate.

"I have to walk in front of a n audience to be judged?"

"They are judging the outfit not me."

"You're just a walking clothes hanger, remember?"

It didn’t matter what I told myself. I continued becoming more nervous. My stomach was turning. I could have sworn it would decide to jump right out of me! How are all of these models so calm?! I do not belong. I want to feel relaxed and calm! What is the secret?!

The moment to walk on stage was creeping up faster and faster.

"Oh man! Do not forget to breathe! Hold your head up. Do NOT trip! Remember to pose. Do not walk to fast! Oh yeah, BREATHE!"

My mind was rushing, and my heart was pounding. It was my turn. Everyone backstage was encouraging.

"You will be great!" "You will do great!" "You look great!"

Deep breathe!

The lights were so bright I couldn’t see the people in the audience staring back at me! If I remember correctly, I think I even smiled right before I began walking! I stopped to pose. I didn’t trip. My dress was stunning and flowing behind me as effortlessly as I felt at the moment. I rocked it for a newbie.

It was over. It was months of planning and hard, tedious work for the designers. A full days toil preparing the models for the fashion show for a 20 second walk!

"I can’t believe it is over."

I felt silly about my jitters. I walk everyday. It is not that complicated. I did it! I completed my very first runway show. I now understand the word F-E-A-R. False Expectations that Appear Real. I was fearful because I did not know what to expect. I now have a different understanding of a runway models career. It is tough. It is tough on the psyche, but the adrenaline is intoxicating and addictive!

Runway Models: Kudos to you for being so effortlessly beautiful and helping designers, makeup artists and hairstylists showcase their talents!



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