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Forget New Years resolutions...

I ask my clients, “ Did you set a new years resolution for yourself?”

The most common and typical response is, “I don’t keep them, so no.”

I cannot disagree because I am guilty of not sticking to my past new years resolution. I started thinking. I want to motivate myself to eat healthier and become more active and allow personal time for myself for the activities I enjoy. I will be thirty soon and what better motivation than that? Therefore I am devoted to detoxing from sugar additives, alcohol and coffee for the month of February. All good things come in three, right?

I do not know what to expect besides a lack of caffeine headache and maybe a sugar crash, but I am definitely excited about this detox resolution. I have never felt excited about my new years resolution. It is probably because I felt an obligation to complete the resolution for 365 days. It is a bit overwhelming, wouldn't you say?

This time, I am doing it purely for my own agenda…looking good for my thirtieth birthday! With my February resolution, I have something to look forward to. Firstly, I chose the shortest month of the year, so it should be fairly easy to complete successfully. Secondly, I will definitely lose a little weight, and I will not complain about that. Thirdly, I am told I will have more energy because I will not be suffering from sugar and caffeine crashes. What’s to lose…besides weight and sluggishness?

So forget about new years resolutions and feeling like a failure, set up a monthly resolution! It is easier to tackle thirty days versus 365!

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