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Frustrated with your hairdresser?

Have you been frustrated with your hairstylist because you were not able to achieve your desired hair color?

Trust me, I have been there when I color my own hair. This blog entry is for both stylist and client. I hope this will help you, the client, understand what stylist have to deal with and for the stylist to leave a comment or even share a story of your own (as Guy Tang would say) paranormal hairtivity experience.

Rarely do I come across a tricky situation, but when I do, it seems as if it happens in a three-week time span. I will not share stories of the paranormal hairtivity with my clients but I will share you my own paranormal hairtivity experience.

I have the traditional course European hair. In most cases, European hair lifts with a very warm undertone. My European clients desire ashier tones. There are many funny memes about clients seeing warm tones regardless of how ashy the color is. It is not an easy task but it is possible to achieve.

So here's my story:

I have wanted to be white blonde. I saturated my hair using a lightner with 30 volume and Olaplex. The first time after a maximum of 55-minute process, my hair had a soft apricot hue. I applied the lightner again for a second process, and after shampooing my hair a soft gold tone was revealed. It was not a horrible color. I would have been able to live with it but it was not the result I was attempting to obtain.

I allowed my hair a week to recover before continuing to lift my color. I applied two more applications of lightner to my hair. On the fourth application, my scalp became extremely sensitive. The sensation felt as if I had an army of red ants biting my scalp. It was not a comfortable 30-minute process (it was all I could withstand). I now forewarn my clients of the similar possibility. I finally lifted to a pale yellow color. It was not the white I was hoping for, but I was happy with the results. To be honest, I don't know if I would have been able to handle another color lift.

When attempting to achieve the desired tone for your hair is a difficult process, there are a few reasons for the complications.

Reason number one: you may be pregnant in the pregnancy hormones often cause the hair to be unpredictable.

Reason number two: your hormones are off-balance. I have many clients who are undergoing hormone treatments due to thyroid malfunction or menopausal symptoms. When your hormones or not in balance, your hair color will be unpredictable. The most common result for unbalanced hormones is an orange undertone.

Reason number three: you may have a mineral deposit accumulated on your hair. The most common in the South is well water. Another culprit of mineral accumulation is copper piping in the bathroom. I have copper pipes in my bathroom causing my hair to turn blue when I applied a silver semi-permanent color to my pre-lightened hair. A solution to this problem-a demineralization with Malibu C crystal gel. It is a service provided via your hairstylist and has miraculous results!

Reason number four: medication! The side effects of medication to not just affect your health and may affect the results of your hair. It may cause your hair to become more brittle resulting in breakage.

Reason number five: be as specific as possible with your hairstylist on the results you are wishing to obtain with your hair color. Pictures of the color you desire are helpful, as well as pictures of what you do not want with your color. This will provide a thorough detailed explanation and will provide your hairstylist with the direction needed for your desired results.

If you are not affected by any of the above stated reasons, be patient with your hairstylist. It may take 3 to 5 hair services to achieve your desired look. The Kardashian's understand the process of hair color alterations. It is not done in one hair service or in an hour timeframe. Even my role model in the hair industry, Guy Tang, requires several hours to achieve a beautiful hair color result. He has stated in his classes a minimum of six hours is required. My favorite comments from clients are when a limited timeframe to achieve a complete hair color makeover is required. Be patient. Your hairstylist wants to provide you with the color you desire, but it may require multiple visits to the salon to achieve beautiful results.

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