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You need a nail artist!

This blog entry is a shout out to my nail maestro, Alicia Ingle!

Alicia has been doing my nails for approximately three years. Every single appointment, I have left extremely happy and prideful because my nails look so fabulous! I never used to take pride in my nails but now that I have someone who artistically designs and takes good care of my nails, I can't imagine not having nail care.

Unfortunately, strong healthy nails are not in my genetics. I approached Alicia with questions about my weak and brittle and splitting nails, she suggested I apply shellac to thicken and prevent breakage. I gave it a shot and I am glad I did! Shellac remained on my nails for two weeks regardless of how many shampoos I would do in the salon. Just so you know, water really softens the nails and peels away nail polish. After applying shellac for a couple appointments, my natural nail began to grow in length.

Even though my nails were growing, I kept my nails short for a long time assuming I would not be able to work in the beauty industry with longer nails. Regardless of the length I decided upon, Alicia was still able to make my short nail stubs glamorous!

Alicia is constantly trying new techniques because of the inspiration she obtains from watching multiple videos to continue expanding her broad range of knowledge in nail art designs. Recently I traveled to Iceland and since I was not in the salon shampooing, I requested the stiletto nail shape. I have not returned back to my stubby nail length! My fingers appear longer (if you know me, I have masculine shaped hands) due to the optical illusion of the stiletto nail shape. My clients have immensely enjoyed their massage during shampoos because of my longer nails. I also experienced an ease of applying false lashes during make up application. The stiletto nail shape was a win-win for me.

No matter the shape or length, Alicia does a splendid and perfect job in shaping and artistically designing my nails to flatter my persona! I used to bring in inspiration photos but now I allow her to be creative. I have yet to be disappointed!

If you have a special event approaching such as a birthday or a special event or Valentine's Day, you should send her a text at 828-712-6610! She is worth the wait not just because of her skills but also because you will have a wonderful time with her!

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