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Healthy curls

Did you know there is a healthy way to curl hair?

The hair closest to our scalp is the newest hair. What I mean by this phrase is it is the hair that just escaped from our scalp. This new hair is called the regrowth. The ends of our hair are the oldest section of our hair.

When we curl our hair, we should always place the barrel of the curling iron closer to the scalp either near or on the regrowth area. Once your iron clamps down, continue to turn the iron slowly clamping the rest of the hair into the iron.

Think of it this way.

Who is able to survive in the summer sun the longest? A toddler’s skin or the skin of a grandmother?

The “older” section of hair is more fragile and is unable to endure prolonged heat. The prolonged heat will dry the ends of the hair further causing breakage, so be gentle with grandma for healthier hair.

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