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The naughty client

Lets talk about a serious matter…

Missed appointments.

I will keep this short and sweet.

A hairstylist working in a corporate salon is paid hourly and every other hairstylist depends on clients arriving to scheduled appointment to pay bills. If you do not show up, a bill cannot be paid and you might not be able to reach your stylist due to a disconnected phone service. It is courteous to notify your stylist 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment if you need to cancel allowing the stylist time to fill the cancelled appointment. We understand if a serious emergency deters you from arriving to your appointment and you are unable to provide a 24-hour notice. We are human and have personal lives outside the salon too. If you notify the stylist with sufficient time with your need of cancelling your appointment, your stylist has the potential to pay a bill or at least adjust the schedule to leave work early. You know that is a joyous feeling!

Do not be added to the naughty list, be courteous and notify your stylist if you cannot make it to your appointment for looking fabulous!

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