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Shampoo routine got you oily?

How often do you wash your hair?

Every day? Every other day? Once a week?

I will not tell you how often you should or should not wash your hair, but I do want to inform you how your scalp works. When you wash your hair, you remove the product build up and your natural oil. You already knew this, right?

Once the oil is removed, your body’s natural reaction is to produce more oil to moisturize your scalp (preventing dandruff) and your hair (to keep it soft and shiny and static free). Sorry, but you will forever deal with oil until later in your life.

What is the solution you ask?

Train your body. No I do not mean the gym. When you skip the daily wash to an every other day shampoo, your sebaceous glands (the oil producers) will slow down on the secretion of oil because your body will be aware additional oil is not necessary. Give it a try, but be aware it takes time to train your scalp.

So what do you do with the oily scalp?

Dry shampoo(Caviar dry shampoo is my utmost favorite!) or if you are a girl on a budget, corn starch! Apply either product to your scalp and the regrowth area on the second day for two weeks. Once your scalp and hair adjusts and you feel brave, apply every third day! Etc., etc., and etc.

You’re welcome!

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