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Paleo…here I come!

Here I go again.

Another cleanse. Why, you ask?

Of course, I am happy to explain.

I signed up for a five-week boot camp at Hard Exercise Works in Asheville because I ripped two pairs of jeans in one month from just sitting down. Sadly, it was not along a seam signifying old and worn down denim. I needed to incorporate a physical routine back into my life.

Once I completed the boot camp, I lost 1/4” in my waist! WHAT? Only ¼”?! That’s it?! Needless to say, I was discouraged. After a long talk with Arnaldo (owner/coach) at HEW (Hard Exercise Works), I decided to challenge myself to a five-week Paleo diet with no alcohol whilst continuing the workout. I am told its 80% nutrition and 20% fitness that produce the desired results.

To be quite honest, I did not realize how many calories I was consuming until I began recording my meals on the ‘Lose It’ app. If I want to reach my goal weight losing a moderate rate of one pound per week, I am allowed 1,700 calories daily to attain my desired weight by September. It was shocking what two fish tacos, a margarita and chips with queso shared among three friends add up in calories! 1,200! Mind=blown!

I was curious to see what the Paleo diet had in store. Would I feel full enough? What can I eat? Will the meals be easy to prepare and/or find? How quickly will the calories add up? Only one way to find out…starting tomorrow!

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