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My struggle with Paleo

Are you wondering how is the Paleo cleanse is working for me?


Firstly, most restaurants do not accommodate a Paleo diet.

What do I mean? Id be happy to give you a more detailed example of my salad options. A gluten free salad has cheese sprinkled all over the salad. A lactose intolerant salad has a handful of croutons or tortilla strips. A vegan salad may have vegan croutons or legumes. A vegetarian salad has cheese and croutons. Forget ever enjoying a pizza!

Do you see the dilemma? I was the crazy person customizing my food orders or creating a custom salad or just ordering side dishes to accommodate a Paleo diet.

Secondly, I have a busy schedule; so busy in fact, I have not been able to do laundry for over two weeks. Therefore, I do not have spare time to meal prep. How does a career woman on the constant go maintain a Paleo diet without faltering?

I wish I could say I felt better or noticed a change in the appearance of my body to encourage myself adhering to it. I understand the healthy aspect of a Paleo diet; but in modern world, I do not understand how to make it a permanent lifestyle.

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