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Pantene or salon professional shampoo?

Have you ever wondered why are salon products more expensive than drug store hair products?

The answer is quite simple, maybe not understandable, but simple.

Salon products are tested to ensure your hair is pH balanced after a shampoo and conditioning session. Our bodies (and hair) normal pH balance is a 7. When we cleanse and strip our hair of its natural oils, we bump our pH level therefore drying our hair out. I know you’ve seen frazzled hair, and I’m not talking about a dry, frizzy hair texture. I am talking about frazzled. It looks as if someone stuck a finger into an electrical outlet. Yeah, you know.

The frazzled hair is poorly balanced in the pH department. I guarantee if the frazzled hair were cleansed with a salon-approved product, it would no longer appear frazzled.

If you pay to have your hair colored professionally, please take a few minutes out of your schedule to view this YouTube video.

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