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Give your hair a break

How to prevent your hair from breaking off

I found a few treatments that I am in love with! I had a mishap with my hair as some of you may know. I was bleaching my hair at home when my washing machine went awry. By the time the dilemma was corrected, an hour and a half flew by with bleach processing my hair!!

Possible nightmare.

I was petrified to wash my hair because I was confident I would be bald. Thankfully, I still had hair on my head. I would not look good bald due to my lumpy shaped head. I purchased Joico K-pack treatment and the Moroccan Oil Repair treatment. I alternated between the two treatments for a week straight only rinsing in between. I would style a bun for work to disguise my masked hair.

It's a miracle I am able to brush my hair! My hair looks and feels great. When I tell the story, my clients are astonished because my hair look healthy!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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