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A hair selfie

Have you been disappointed with the final result of your hair color when you specifically requested a particular color?

Let me bring to light a small, neglected detail.


All of us have photoshopped one time or another. We have made our skin appear more youthful and glowy, or we whitened our teeth with Facetune. (You know what I'm talking about.) Have you ever played with a photoshop app allowing you to swap colors? For instance, swapping blue skies for pink? I have, so I know color swapping can be done.

Images of hair have been photoshopped therefore creating unrealistic and unachievable hair colors. Ask your stylist to schedule a consultation to discuss the possibility of your selected hair color choice and if it is realistic for your hair. Also, come prepared with multiple photos in case one choice works better than another.

I have attached a link below to reveal the photoshopped hair colors.

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