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Color of the rainbow

You made a big change with your hair. You decided to color your hair a shade of the rainbow. The question is…how do you maintain the vibrancy of your color?

There are a couple of professional hairstylist approved solutions.

One: Joico color butter. Joico created a colored treatment to use at home. Its easy to use and has a great result! Apply to dry or wet hair. Processs the color butter for five minutes and rinse out. The enriched shade will remain vibrant for ten shampoos.

Two: Viral shampoo. There are multiple shades available to freshen your vivid shade. Use your viral shampoo every time or every other time to deposit your shade for added vibrancy!

Three: Gem Lites shampoo and conditioner. Follow instructions above.

Let me know how if these suggestions work for you!

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