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Are minerals our friend?

Once upon a time, I colored my hair with Pravana vivid silver and it turned denim blue. I went to an Orlando hair show and asked the lady at the Pravana counter what went wrong. She asked if I had copper pipes at home.


She said if I have copper pipes at home, the copper mineral deposits into my hair creating a chemical reaction with color therefore the blue results. She suggested I take the color correction class with Malibu C.

The class taught us about the effects of minerals in our hair. Not only does it cause unexpected color results, it causes our hair to become dry and brittle and unmanageable.

Let me explain in further detail:

Does anyone know what a diamond looks like before being cut and polished? It isn’t pretty, and it isn’t shiny. (pictured left)

Various minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, chlorine and many more can be found in our water. When we use negative ion styling tools (blowdryers), the minerals magnetize to the exterior of our hair. Eventually the products we apply are not effective. Our hair is not exposed to oxygen causing the hair to slowly dry out and become brittle. When our hair is brittle, it begins to break at the smallest amount of tension. Minerals are not shiny. (Visualize a raw diamond) Hair starts to lose luster and becomes unmanageable. I notice when my hair has a buildup due to minerals because I am unable to create a curl in my hair. Another sign of mineral buildup is hair dreading easily.

You are probably asking, “What do I do?”

You have several options:

  1. Have a demineralization done at the salon. It’s a Malibu C crystal gel treatment under the heat for 45 minutes. Im not a fan of heat, but it does get the job done. Hair will be shiny and detangle easily and feel more silky.

  2. You could have a water softener or filter installed. The benefits and results are mind blowing!

  3. Use Malibu C Hard Water Wellness shampoo and conditioner. I highly recommend purchasing the option with the powder packets for a powerful cleansing of minerals.

Do you know why restaurants put a lemon wedge into our water? To neutralize the flavor of the mineral chlorine. Malibu C is derived from natural antioxidants to neutralize the minerals. Go ahead and prove me wrong by giving it a try!

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