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Biotin = Broccoli

I hear this statement at least once a week.

“I take biotin for my hair.”

Biotin is great, and it is needed for our hairs health. Broccoli is amazing for our health too, but strictly eating broccoli for all three meals 365 days a year is not sufficient for our bodies overall health.

Our hair is a byproduct of our bodies nutrients. It needs more than just biotin. It needs folic acid, omega, protein, keratin, vitamins and so much more! By taking a multivitamin everyday, you will be contributing most of your hair nutrients in one pill versus many. My current favorite nutrient dense supplement is Kachava powder. It doesn’t just provide vitamins and minerals; it provides adaptogens and probiotics and prebiotic and the list continues!

For an overall healthy you and hair, don’t just eat broccoli and biotin.


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