Does your hair bloat?

Hair can absorb 30% of its weight in water which causes the hair to swell. Ever experience bloating? It’s the same thing, but your hair is experiencing it. Just like a bloating belly is a sign of an underlying concern, bloated hair should be treated with gentle care because it causes hair to expand enough to cause snapping of the hair shaft.

Let’s walk through your after shower routine…

Your hair is drenched. Gently squeeze out the excess water but do not twist it tightly and squeeze it too rough while pulling on your hair. I recommend using that’s not to big or heavy to avoid pulling once it’s wrapped on top of your head. After a few minutes (5-10), remove the towel to begin the next steps.

It is imperative to brush your wet locks gently! The wet brush is my favorite tool to detangle the hair with ease you’ve never experienced before! If the brush needs an assistant, I recommend a detangling spray to help the job get done without any complications.

Do you know what repels water? Oil. Remember doing this experiment in elementary school with dyed oil and water in a bottle? Applying oil to your hair doesn’t just moisturize and a softens, but it will side in drying your hair faster. I recommend applying 2 pumps of the Oribe Gold Lust Oil to your strands.

Now don’t skip this last paragraph. It’s imperative. What happens to oil when it’s heated? It fries. DO NOT USE HIGH HEAT TO DRY YOUR HAIR! Low heat will remove the excess water and dry your strands. To help expedite this step, use Aveda Speed of Light a blow dry accelerating spray. Apply heat protection to your hair before you turn up the heat for the styling portion. I recommend Aveda Heat Relief or Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray. Voila- your hair is safe from snapping and melting from heat!

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