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Let’s talk money

Money is always a difficult subject to address. Money defines our worth and value. Money can buy temporary happiness. Money provides us the luxuries we desire. Many movies are created with plots of stealing lots of money.

‘What does this have to do with hair?’

I’m sure some hairdressers talk about their grievances with clients asking for discounts or stating, “you’re prices are to high.” As a young and immature human/hairdresser, I would get annoyed also. “You wouldn’t say Louis Vuitton prices are to high.” Let’s be real; they are high. They have earned the price tag. Over time and with maturity, I realized we do not always say what we really mean. (Thanks to the book ‘Say What You Mean’.)

‘What do you mean they don’t say what they mean?’

Asking for a discount or stating high prices has an underlying message. It is not in my budget, so can we come up with a budget friendly compromise? Most often the answer would be yes depending on the desired result. We could shift to a golden blonde instead of ash to minimize the maintenance of toning or a purple shampoo could be a weekly saving grace for an at home maintenance. We could apply face framing foils or strategically place 10 foils to mimic the desired look. For instance, you could buy a Louis Vuitton wallet instead of a handbag. Over time, you could buy multiple wallets, sell them and then buy a handbag! Voila! You can make smaller investments with your hair to achieve the same results with an endgame in motion to be with your desired hairstylist.

Compromise is a beautiful thing!


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