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My favorite blow dryer

I’ve tried many blow dryers.

Some were heavy.

Some were to loud.

Some had short cords.

Some broke to easy.

Some were clunky.

As you can guess, the list can get long. There is one blow dryer I continuously buy time and time again, so I’d say it is my favorite. The FHI.

It is affordable, quiet (in comparison to most), has three temperature settings, and has a 12 foot cord which is a surprise bonus feature in my opinion.

So which one should you buy?

Well the 1900 Nano is only 13.4 oz with 1500 wattage while the 2000 Nano is 15 oz, 1800 wattage and drys hair 50% faster.

So what does the wattage mean?

I had to look it up myself and here is an answer I copied and pasted from

High wattage means more power is consumed. Because of this most of the time we are trying to build and use appliances that use less power and have lower wattages. Higher wattages however are good when you particularly need to turn electricity into heat. The higher the wattage the hotter the heater.

If you decide to try an FHI, let me what you think!


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