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My hair doesn't hold curl

I have heard this so many times when styling someones hair.

There are a few tips that may work. It doesnt always help, but you may be the lucky one.

First, try a different curling iron. The one iron that seems to help is the Hot Tolls curling iron with the gold barrel.

*Make sure its not a marcel unless you're up for the challenge of learning a new curling technique.

Next, apply a volume mousse or a water-based gel in damp hair prior to blow-drying. The product helps to aide your hair in holding the curl.

You may also want to try different techniques such as scrunching or pinning up sections of hair after wrapping them around the barrel of your curling wand We (hairstylists) call this "setting the hair".

Finally, skip the conditioner on your tresses the day you want to wear your hair curly. I don't recommend skipping the conditioner every time you wash your locks, but for special occasions, I will look the other way.

Let me know if any of these tips helped you!


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