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Pink hair: not just for Wednesday

Hair color is a great way to express yourself.

Maybe you're tired of being the same old person, or maybe you're bored with your current look.

Either way, we've got some great ideas for you. Here are fun hair colors choices:

Try the temporary version.

If you're considering getting a new color, or if you just want to see what it would look like without having to commit, try the temporary version. Temporary hair color is basically just like regular dye but without any of the long-lasting effects—so it's easier to strip out when you're ready for a change.

Temporary hair dyes come in all kinds of shades from neutral to bright and bold, so there's something for everyone! And since they don't have any lasting effects on your hair (or scalp), you can experiment with different colors without worrying about damaging your locks beyond repair.

Have you been thinking about trying pink hair color?

Pink hair is a fun way to express yourself. It's not always easy to find the right shade, but we're here to help!

First, know what kind of pink you want: Neon pink, pastel pink or baby pinks are all different colors that work best with different skin tones. For example, if you have dark skin, it will look best if done in pastel shades like lavender or light rose golds instead of neon pinks because they won't wash out your skin tone. On the other hand if you have lighter skin and want a bold statement piece then neon pink would be ideal because it will make your eyes pop!

You may be hesitant, or not sure if you should take the leap.

If you're hesitant about trying out a new hair color - or you're bored of your current color and need some inspiration - or if you simply want to try something new -, pink hair color is a great way to experiment with your look without committing. It's temporary, so if you don't love it, it will eventually wash out, and you can go back to what you were doing before (or just start over fresh). It is definitely worth considering!

The good news is that all skin tones can pull off pink hair color, it's all about finding the right shade.

Pink hair color is definitely in right now, but what's even better is that pink hair looks good on everyone. A good place to start in selecting your shade:

If you have a light skin tone, you should go for a light shade of pink. Similarly, if you have darker skin tones, it might be best to try out muted pinks as opposed to bright hues.

Just know, there is no rule of thumb. Do what makes you feel good and makes you smile. Pink is ultra forgiving.

This means that no matter your complexion, there’s a way for you to rock this trend! So what are you waiting for? Try out a new hair color for yourself. You can always go back to your old look if you don't like it!


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