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The unattainable triangle for hairstylist

By Casey Taylor Stylist on IG

Hairstylists, have you been afraid of raising your prices out of fear of becoming unattainable?

Let’s talk about the unattainable triangle for hairstylists.

With any triangle it is made up of three sides. You have high quality service, low point price, and short wait time, but the thing about any unattainable triangle is it’s unattainable

A healthy business can only pick two sides to have a healthy sustainable business, so let me show you your three options.

Option one: you can have a high quality service and a low price point, but you are going to be booked out for weeks or months in advance and you are going to end up being overbooked and burnt out. Option two: you can have a low price point and a short wait time but chances are your service quality is suffering. Option three; which is my personal favorite you can have a high-quality service and a shorter reasonable wait time, but you are going to have to charge higher prices in order to maintain that balance in your business.

There is no one right option. Any of the three choices will lead you to have a successful business but the truth is we are all unattainable to somebody and this triangle proves that we have the freedom to choose who we want to be unattainable to.

Below is the link to her video!


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