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Meet The Team

Salon Zhenya operates as a hybrid salon, catering to the diverse preferences of our esteemed clients. Within our establishment, a portion of our accomplished hair stylists autonomously manage their schedules, while the responsibility of scheduling appointments with our friendly and efficient salon manager, Olga, rests with the remaining professionals. Should you require guidance in choosing a stylist, we encourage you to reach out to Salon Zhenya without delay. Our dedicated team is readily available to provide comprehensive assistance. It is worth noting that Olga, our esteemed salon manager, ensures a seamless experience for our clients and is available from Tuesday through Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM.

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Hey there!

Here’s a little bit about me and what I love to do.

First things first, I am Aly Augustine Morie. Focused attention to detail is my specialty and what I constantly strive for. I love working with all hair types/textures especially working with waves and curls. I look for clientele who are seeking change. The best thing I can offer are solutions to reinvent yourself through your hair. That being said consulting prior to your appointment is a must. I want to know you, your lifestyle and your goals. Maintenance is whatever you want that to look like. I offer low maintenance services that make a haircut or lived in blonding service transition subtly and naturally. My goal is for your hair to be healthy and represent you. I have been Aveda trained most of my career. I’ve also worked with multiple brands and lines over past decade. At the end of the day what I enjoy best is investing in the human who sits in my chair. Always here to answer your questions and hear out your ideas. 

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Hi! Let me introduce myself...


I am Amy Rose, the artist behind the chair at Salon Zhenya and First Place winner of WNC’s “Best Of” Hairstylist in Asheville 2020. I am an Asheville native, born and raised in these beautiful mountains, yet I raised the bar in my certification skills as a stage artist and honed my skills by teaching in salons across the country.


Specializing in creative and brilliant Vivid Color using Pulp Riot color-melting and high definition color pop placement. I am a Master Stylist with strengths in short hair cuts and curly textures as well as dramatic cutting techniques and men’s grooming styles. Goldwell and Level 2 Deva Curl certified.


With over 15 years behind the chair and 4 years as a global stage artist teaching the craft of hair styling for photoshoots and artistry for magazines and fashion week, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to each appointment. Utilizing intuitive cutting techniques that allow the client to style at home effortlessly and beautifully.


I feel that communication and developing a strong client-stylist relationship is priceless and in time sparks creative freedom and trust.

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Greetings! My name is LeeAnn, and for nearly 22 years, I have called the beautiful region of Western North Carolina my home. I embarked on my professional journey by attending a prestigious local cosmetic arts school, honing my skills and cultivating a passion that has driven me for over a decade. With 12 years of hands-on experience behind the chair, I can confidently say that I am truly in love with what I do.

In this ever-evolving industry, I recognize the importance of staying at the forefront of trends and innovations. That's why I am committed to continuing education, constantly seeking out new techniques and staying well-versed in the latest products. By staying current, I ensure that I can provide my clients with the most up-to-date and cutting-edge services available.

My true joy lies in the art of transforming your current hair into your dream hair. With an array of coloring services at my disposal, I take immense pride in my ability to create stunning, personalized looks that align perfectly with your vision. Whether you're seeking a subtle color enhancement or a more intricate and bold transformation, I possess the expertise and skill to bring your hair dreams to life. Among my favorite coloring techniques are micro highlighting, balayage, and fashion colors, allowing for limitless creative possibilities.

Above all, my priority is earning your trust as your dedicated stylist, someone you can rely on for all your hair care needs. By forging a strong and collaborative relationship, we can embark on a journey of discovering the perfect hairstyles and colors that enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you and embark on this remarkable partnership. Together, let's create the hair of your dreams and unlock a world of style and self-expression.

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Hey there, nice to meet you too! I'm Yuliya Griffis, and I come all the way from the beautiful country of Belarus. Can you believe it? It's been a whole quarter-century since I ventured to the United States, and boy, what a ride it's been! You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun with hair!


I've been in the hair biz for over two decades, and let me tell you, I absolutely love it. Making people feel amazing about their hair is the best feeling ever. For the past 22 years, I've been perfecting my craft, turning locks into works of art, and spreading joy and confidence one hairstyle at a time.


Recently, my journey led me to the charming city of Asheville, and I've been rooted here happily for the last 8 years. But before that, I was sizzling by the beach in Myrtle Beach – ah, those were the days!


When it comes to hair, I'm your go-to gal. I've got some serious skills, whether it's nailing the perfect haircut, creating jaw-dropping colors, or giving your hair that luscious keratin treatment it deserves.


So, if you're on the hunt for a fresh new look, a daring color change, or a little boost of confidence, I'm your girl! Let's take this hair journey together, and I'll make sure you walk out of my salon feeling fabulous, confident, and ready to conquer the world – one amazing hairstyle at a time! Can't wait to meet you and your fabulous hair! 😊✂️

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Hey there!


I'm Destonie, and I've been making magic as a stylist in downtown Asheville since 2001. It's been an incredible journey, and I've loved every moment of it.


My passion for color led me to pursue my masters at the Wella Institute in NY. There, I honed my skills and gained a deep understanding of how color can transform not just hair but also people's confidence and self-expression. It's amazing to see my clients light up when they see their new colors, and I'm grateful to be a part of that excitement.


And it didn't stop there—I wanted to be the best in the business. So, I headed to the Bumble & Bumble Academy in NY to earn certificates in cutting. Let me tell you, it was intense, but it has made me the precision-driven stylist I am today. I love creating unique, personalized cuts that suit my clients' personalities and lifestyles perfectly.


When it comes to my personal style, I'm all about that bohemian chic with a rock and roll edge. I adore translating this look for my clients, infusing their hair with a touch of artistry and flair.


My salon is my haven, and I've worked hard to make it a friendly and welcoming space. I believe that connecting with my clients is essential to understand their desires fully. The conversations we have are as important as the hair we create together.


Speaking of which, it's been so heartwarming to receive such positive feedback. One client said, "I've been going to Destonie for about 6 months now and she's amazing! Definitely the best haircuts I've ever had have been done by her." This kind of feedback fuels my passion and keeps me motivated to deliver the best results.


I know finding the right stylist can be tough, but if you're looking for a stylist who will not only give you fabulous colors and cuts but also make you feel like you're hanging out with a friend, then I'm your girl. The pricing is reasonable, and trust me, it's worth every penny.


So, if you're ready to transform your hair and embrace your unique style, I can't wait to meet you. Come on over to my salon, and let's make some magic together!




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Step into the enchanting world of hair artistry and empowerment, where magic meets transformation. Allow me to introduce myself—I am Lyssa Avanzato, a hairstylist, colorist, and self-proclaimed magician on a mission to unlock your inner beauty and forge connections to your authentic self. With a passion for up-leveling your hair goals and instilling a sense of ease in managing your tresses, I embark on a journey to reveal your current reflection and help you embrace your truest essence.

Over the past 15 years, my symbiotic relationship with my clients has unraveled the extraordinary power of freedom, confidence, and self-love. Together, we have witnessed the remarkable metamorphosis that occurs when we align our inner essence with our outward appearance. As we embark on this transformative adventure, I am committed to unleashing your unique radiance, allowing you to carry yourself with unparalleled grace and self-assurance in this vast world.

Having recently relocated from the captivating landscapes of Colorado to the breathtaking vistas of North Carolina, I am exhilarated to immerse myself in the wonders and beauty that this new environment has to offer. From meandering rivers to captivating trails and serene parks, I draw inspiration from the natural splendor that surrounds me, infusing it into every stroke of my artistic endeavors.

At Salon Zhenya, I eagerly await the opportunity to meet you and your family, as we embark on a shared voyage of self-discovery and self-expression. Together, we will embark on an awe-inspiring exploration of hair artistry, where your aspirations will be translated into reality, and your inner beauty will shine forth.

Join me in this extraordinary chapter of your life, where hair becomes a catalyst for transformation, empowerment, and connection to your truest self. Let us embark on a journey of self-discovery, where every visit to Salon Zhenya becomes an immersive experience that transcends mere hairstyling. Together, we will celebrate your unique essence and unlock the limitless potential that resides within you.

Welcome to a world where magic happens—welcome to the captivating realm of Lyssa Avanzato.

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Introducing Zhenya, affectionately known as Z, a masterful artist devoted to her craft since 2008. Her journey into the world of hair was ignited by her innate passion for crafting exquisite updos for special occasions, which led her to unveil her natural talent in sculpting and transforming hair into works of art.

Embarking on her professional odyssey, Zhenya began on her path at an esteemed Aveda salon, enticed by the prospect of expanding her knowledge and honing her skills. Driven by an insatiable thirst for learning, she eagerly immersed herself in the realm of hair, eagerly observing the mastery of gifted artists, participating in dynamic campaigns and fashion events, and seizing every opportunity to enroll in specialized courses.

Today, Zhenya has discovered her true calling, specializing in air-touch highlights that achieve a soft and seamlessly blended grow-out, offering low maintenance haircuts that exude effortless beauty, and crafting elegant and timeless updos that captivate hearts. Her unparalleled skill and meticulous attention to detail have garnered her a reputation as a visionary in the industry.

Zhenya's commitment to her craft is matched only by her dedication to providing an exceptional client experience. As a testament to the quality of her artistry, her current rate stands at $150 per hour, a testament to her unwavering pursuit of excellence. To secure a transformative session with Zhenya, simply click the link above and initiate a transformative journey that transcends the boundaries of hairdressing.

Elevate your style and immerse yourself in the artistry of Zhenya. Experience the magic firsthand and let her exquisite touch unveil a new dimension of beauty.


Note: Each stylist service fee varies based on experience. 


A few of the stylist's services are a 'la carte' and others charge hourly.


A fee of 100% of missed appointment will be added to your next service if cancelled in less than 48 hours.



Color Services
Foil Services
Hair Services

Root ............................................  $75 and up

Root + Ends ……………………….  $120 and up
Demi-Permanent Toner ............  $75 and up

Express Toner .............................  $20 and up


Fashion .....................................  $80 and up
Partial ………………………………  $120 and up
Full .............................................  $150 and up

Balayage ………………………….   $180 and up

Air-Touch ..................................   $200 and up


Unisex Haircut ..................  $75 and up


Styling Services
On-Location Wedding Services

After Service BlowDry ...................  $30 and up 

Shampoo + BlowDry + Style …….   $50 and up

On Location Bridal Hairstyling .................. $225

On location Bridal Party Hairstyling ......... $125

Holiday Bridal Hairstyling Rate ................. $300

Holiday Bridal Party Hairstyling Rate ........ $165

Travel Per Hour Lead Stylist ...................... $150

Additional Stylist Travel Fee ..................... $100

On Location Bridal Makeup ...................... $225

On Location Bridal Party Makeup ............ $125

Holiday Bridal Makeup Rate ..................... $300

Holiday Bridal Party Makeup Rate ........... $165

In Salon Hairstyle Trial ............................. $150/hr

Brazilian Blowout ................... $300 and up

Keratin ...................................... $250 and up

Perm ......................................... $300 and up

Cancellation Policy 

We understand your time is valuable, and so is ours. Out of respect for our staff and clients, we require at least 48 hour notice should you need to cancel/reschedule an appointment. Failing to give 48-hour notice will result in a 100% charge of your service(s). Any no-shows will be charged 100% of their service amount. All appointments require a credit card and certain stylists require a 20% retainer fee at time of booking.  


Late Arrival

Please note that if you are over 15 minutes late for your appointment we may have to reschedule your service if it cannot be completed in the remaining time frame. All attempts to reschedule in a timely manner will be made. If we do not hear from you 15 or more minutes into your scheduled appointment time it is considered a “No-Show” and your card will be charged for 100% of the service scheduled.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and cash. We do not accept personal checks.


Right to Refuse Service 

The safety of our staff and our clients is our top priority. As such, the salon reserves the right to refuse service to anyone if we feel that they pose a health or safety risk. This includes but is not limited to lice, skin infections, open wounds, contagious illness (such as a new, continuous cough or a fever), or rude/ obnoxious behavior. Thank you for your understanding.

Salon Policies
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