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Foundation, but for your face

Have you struggled color matching your foundation?

I learned a sure fire way to do so. You want to apply the foundation close to your ear. I use a q-tip and I apply a streak of foundation starting from my jaw and ending mid-neck.

I’ll apply several shades about 1/2” apart and look for the shade that disappears on the skin.

Why the neck?

Well, have you seen someone who apply a foundation that appears to dark for their skin? The reason for the observation is because their neck is to light. Our neck doesn’t see the sun like our face and chest. If the neck isn’t blended in, it is obvious our shade of foundation isn’t the right match.

Plus, we are matching the tone and the level. By tone, I mean we are matching an olive complexion or a golden complexion or a rosy complexion. It’s imperative to do a color match. If you are local to Asheville, swing by Serenity + Scott for a demo!

Let me know if you have this a whirl.


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