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My favorite flat iron

My favorite flat iron hands down is the GHD.

I found out the GHD stands for good hair day. (I thought it was a fun fact.)

The flat iron is a bit of an investment up from but it lasts a long time! Mine was seven years old when I finally gifted it to someone just so I could buy one of the limited edition designs. (I’m not sure if they do those anymore)

So what makes it so special?

The flat iron has a microchip technology to auto set your flat iron temperature…

No more guessing the correct styling temperature. All of our stylers are pre-set to the safer-for-hair temperature of 365°F: the optimum temperature for styling on every hair type.

Also, (they don’t mention this on the website) they have a curved plate. Why does this matter? The curved plate helps to create a curl. Some flat irons have a squared, angular edge which could attribute to a linear result. (Visible lines in the curl)

Copied from their website: Unique wishbone hinge and round barrel enables versatile, snag-free styling to create sleek styles, curls, or waves.

The iron also has a 30 minute sleep mode. Don’t rely on this feature to shut your iron off. The irons life expectancy shortens if not properly turned off, but at least nothing will burn if you forget to turn it off.

A feature that is overlooked but a bonus is the swivel cord! My pet peeve is a twisted cord that causes the cord to be shorter or rigid. You know what I’m talking about if you ever owned a hot tool with a non swivel cord.

I just saw on their website they now have a cordless flat iron! When mine dies in 8 years, it will be my next purchase! If you tried it, let me know what you think!

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