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What’s your color history?

Has a hairdresser asked you for your color history? A more common question is, “When was the last time you applied color to your hair?”

So annoying, right? Why even ask?

I’m glad you wondered! I’ll tell ya why.

  1. Hair grows 1/4-1/2” per month, and if your hair grows fast, you probably grow an 1” per month. So in one year at a 1/2” per month, your hair will only grow 6” if you don’t trim your hair at appointments.

  2. Now that you know, if your hair is down to your mid-back, it is approximately 18-20” long. If you applied a color to your hair one year ago, the ends of your hair still retain color/chemical. 20”-6” = 14” of color treated hair.

  3. We have 14” of hair potentially causing unpredictable results like banding or orange undertones or worse case scenario, metal reactions!

What if I used a semi-permanent color that washes out? Don’t matter. It is a chemical service lifting the hair cuticle and altering the pigment. It will have an inconsistent result for your hairdresser, so inform your new hairdresser of any chemical service done to your hair even if it’s over a year or three ago. Your hairdresser won’t be the only surprised one if you don’t.


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